The complete accounts receivable platform

SurePayd cuts through AR complexity, providing a simple, yet powerful platform to automate your order-to-cash process, accelerate your cash flow, and build lasting customer relationships.

The complete accounts receivable platform

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Grow your revenue

Allow customers to pay without being redirected

One-touch functionality allows customers to pay you directly through their invoice or the portal, reducing the steps required to make a payment. Or, to remove all steps, they can set up auto-pay.

Let customers pay however they prefer

Payment integrations give customers the choice to pay, whether manually or automatically, via credit card, direct debit, BPay, bank transfer, POLi, Paypal, Alipay, WePay, and more.

Schedule automated payment reminders

The ability to schedule automated reminders to process payments keeps your team organised, while keeping your customers on top of their invoices.

Management of various payment models

Flexible configuration allows you to effortlessly accept ad-hoc, early and partial payments.

Provide early payment discounts and recover credit card surcharges

Offering discounts for early settlement and the recovery of credit card surcharges encourages early payments and accelerates your cash flow.


The easiest way to get paid

Optimise the invoicing process, end to end

Automation capabilities allow you to create and send digital invoices that are accurate and compliant with global legal requirements, every time.

Customise relevant emails to your customer

The template builder makes it easy to tailor your emails to your brand, insert links to the customer portal, and populate with merge fields and other criteria that are important to your business

Get alerts for when new invoices are available

The ability to automate notifications means you can send invoices on time for faster payments, rather than having to rely on manual processes.

Track the status of your invoices in one place

Getting instant visibility of all outstanding invoices – including info on debtor, amount outstanding, and days overdue – as well as invoice-related communications.

Take the hassle out of managing invoice disputes

Self-service portal allows customers to lodge issues with their invoices and pay undisputed amounts,while providing your team with a centralised system to log disputes and automate routing and follow-ups.


Assess and manage risks

Streamline credit approval and risk monitoring

Automating the credit approval and risk monitoring process allows you to keep a watchful eye on every customer’s low-to-severe risk of credit loss, and take immediate action if needed.

Analyse the data that matters the most for insights

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities make it faster and easier for credit teams to generate powerful custom reports to drive smarter decision-making.

Manage disputes effectively and efficiently

Having a centralised system to log, manage, and report on claims, as well as collect payments on undisputed items, allows your team to accelerate resolution.

Ensure up-to-date information is at your fingertips

Making key credit and customer data instantly accessible in one place allows your credit team to have the full picture when making decisions, as well as provide great customer service.

Organise all your tasks inside your AR platform

Task management features keep your team organised by providing a simple way to manage duties related to payment collections, disputed invoices, customer enquiries, and more.


Maximise conversion with smarter payments

Create and send payment requests automatically

Use email and SMS templates, buttons, links, and attachments to customise your payments requests based on type of invoice, business, industry or other factors.

Activate triggers to send reminders and follow-ups

Tailor your communications to suit different customer groups by assigning strategies based on portfolios, credit terms, or invoice due dates.

View complete communication histories

Having visibility over every customer interaction means you can easily monitor and follow up on outstanding payments, disputes, and enquiries.

Send one-click links to sign up for auto-pay

The ability to automatically send one-click links via SMS and email prompting the customer to sign up for auto-pay or a payment schedule, helps secure your cash flow.

Instantly access customer info to provide better service

Get a quick 360-degree view of every customer account – including invoices, payment history, disputes, credit limits, orders on hold, and more – to provide timely and helpful service.


Full-featured dashboard to manage payments

Enable pay-to-click for hassle free payments

One-touch functionality allows customers to pay you directly through the portal, using their preferred, which accelerates the payment process.

Provide customers instant access to key information

A single interface makes it easy for your customers to view their orders, invoices, statements, and credit limits at a glance.

Make it easy for to lodge and manage disputes

Allowing customers to manage disputes directly from their portal saves time spent on lengthy phone calls, ultimately speeding up resolution.

Log commitments to make payments at a later date

The ability to record a ‘promise to pay’ on invoices allows you to receive reminders to pay on time and be contacted for payment before your account is overdue.

Set up auto-pay for future outstanding invoices

Register auto-pay to collect payments from your customer’s chosen card or bank account based on the number of days that have passed since the invoice was due.


Customers getting more done in
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SurePayd helped HarperCollins to improve cash flow as well as giving their customers the offer of a 24/7 service
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SurePayd helped HarperCollins to improve cash flow as well as giving their customers the offer of a 24/7 service
With a drop of 28%, DSO figures for Manpower are the best they have been for at least 5 years
Sanofi transforms customer relationships with SurePayd
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